Inspiring Through Music-Empowered Education

Music Workshop creates and provides free, culturally responsive music curriculum along with comprehensive professional development training for teachers – fostering a well-rounded education for all.

Music is for everyone! It has the power to engage, educate, and inspire all students to…

  • Express themselves
  • Connect with each other
  • Be global citizens

Will you play a part in bringing music-empowered learning to classrooms everywhere?

Bringing Music to Life in Every Classroom

We are reimagining what music teaching and learning can be by bringing broader cultural relevance and fresh perspectives into K-8 classrooms.

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Music Workshop partners with a diverse network of advisors to enrich our programming with their cultural insight and expertise. Together, we create well-rounded courses packed with all the resources educators need to teach music and humanities in a respectful, culturally appropriate way.

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Music Workshop creates culturally responsive music programming that prioritizes representation and inclusion. We want all students to see themselves in the music and have the opportunity to discover instruments, genres, and musical influences from around the world.

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Music Workshop’s new professional development courses explore new ways educators can empower students with music and teach them to use music listening and engagement as tools for well-being. By incorporating music throughout the school day, teachers can help students thrive.

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New Professional Development Program: Music for Well-Being

Children today face a constant barrage of challenges that interfere with their development and academic performance. Educators are in an ideal position to help, but many feel overwhelmed and underprepared to support a traumatized student body.

We believe music has the power to heal, and we’re here to teach you how.

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Soundwaves On Demand

Music Workshop’s youth concert series, Soundwaves, is now available alongside other free programming in our teacher portal. Students experience past concerts from artists like The Playing for Change Band and Ron Artis II, along with conversations with the musicians about the connection between music and life.

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Music-Empowered Education Makes Better Humans

It’s important to cultivate a love of music in students from a young age. By giving students opportunities to engage with music in many ways, we can inspire them to use music as a tool to improve their lives. Scientific research shows that music-empowered learning can directly impact the development of crucial life skills.

  • Improve academic performance, memory, and focus
  • Self-regulate socially and emotionally
  • Develop empathy and social awareness
  • Build human connection

Exposing students of all backgrounds to global cultures through music can help them reach their full potential as conscientious global citizens.

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