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A new course in Music Workshop’s Culture Series has LAUNCHED!

Music from the Continent of Asia: Southeast Asia

Discover the wonder of our new course on Southeast Asia

Dive into the rich tapestry of music from the continent of Asia with this captivating exploration of Southeast Asia. In this course, students discover fascinating facts as they journey through the vibrant landscapes of the region, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Along with rich musical traditions, Southeast Asia’s 11 countries contain a wealth of regional dances and we will discover a fun fact about several, including the evocative Singkil dance that echoes Philippine history, to the exhilarating Lion dance from Malaysia, embodying acrobatic prowess. We explore the captivating realm of Thai music, where instruments like the Ranat ek and Khaen, as well as traditional ensembles like Piphat and Khrueang Sai, create enchanting melodies. Venture into the soul-stirring realm of Vietnamese music, where the Đàn Đá lithophone and Đàn Bầu stringed instrument weave tales of history and emotion. Indonesia, an archipelago of 17,000 islands, is full of diverse musical treasures, such as the fascinating Gamelan and Anklung. A Fun Fact explores the Cambodian Shadow Puppet Theater’s ancient narratives through song, intricate carvings, and playful movements. Embark on this musical odyssey celebrating the varied musical cultures, artists, styles, and instruments throughout Southeast Asia.

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