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Music Workshop’s Soundwaves Concert Series Connected Music and Life with Youth and Families in Portland, Oregon

In August, Music Workshop partnered with The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts to present four free interactive youth concerts with the impetus of inspiring young people to connect music and life. The concerts were held in Beaverton, Oregon and featured the musicians; DJ Prashant, Thunderstorm Artis; The Portland Cello Project and Thomas Lauderdale and China Forbes of Pink Martini. The performances were hosted by high school junior, Melanie Rosales Del Cid. Melanie has been working with Music Workshop for five years as the voice of a character in our courses, Maestro Girl.

Families from all over the Portland metro area came in support of accessible live music. Youth and families were treated to performances from a variety of genres and cultures. Each artist shared inspiring stories in an effort to help young concert goers understand the interrelation between personal wellbeing and music. Artists shared stories of channeling complex emotions into song and dance.   

Audience members were encouraged to engage and interact with musicians during their performances. China Forbes and Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini have a diverse musical catalog, performing in over 25 languages throughout their career. Lauderdale and Forbes encouraged audience members to call out languages and a performance in that language  followed. 

“These concerts were amazing. The engagement with the artists, the live music, and the chance for my kids to be in a proper theater for the experience was priceless.” said attendee, Kellee Meisner.

Music Workshop is unwavering in our belief that inspirational and inclusive music education should be provided to students across the globe, free of barriers. Music ignites many areas of child development and skills for life readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional intelligence, language, and overall literacy. Music Workshop strives to provide young people around the world with music and opportunities to be creative in an effort to aid them on their path to adulthood by employing them with the necessary life skills music education can offer.

 We are so grateful to all who helped make this wonderful project come to life! These amazing concerts will be made available to our world wide Music Workshop community and its 3.8 million students by late fall! Music is for everyone!

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