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The Rock n’ Roll Trilogy has launched!

The NEW Expansion of Rock course has launched! Our history of rock trilogy is complete!

Expansion of Rock brings the rock series from the 1980’s to the present! Rock On!!

We have just launched our newest course – the Expansion of Rock! This course completes our three part history of rock n’ roll! The Expansion of Rock explores the continuing development of rock and roll in the 1980s through today. Take a deeper look at the influences of technology and cultural changes that mold and inspire this incredible genre of music. 

Music Workshop has a commitment to bringing students high quality, relevant and culturally responsive music education. To this end, not only do we create new and exciting content to add to our ever expanding catalog of resources but we also are continually updating our existing content to ensure it is fresh, relevant, and reflective of the world that students live in. This new course completes a revamp of our rock n’ roll courses and expands the series from two to three courses. 

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