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Welcome to our revamped website and teacher portal!

We are excited to launch our Music Workshop website and teacher portal into the future with a fresh look, feel and improved function! It has been so fun to envision our future and Music Workshop’s place in the world. 

The website building process has enabled us to more clearly communicate who we are and where we are going – which helps us inspire all of you to join us in bringing high-quality, relevant and culturally responsive education to K-8 students worldwide!

We love our Music Workshop teachers and are thrilled to be bringing them a newly upgraded, intuitive portal for our ever-expanding set of resources. There are many changes, but to highlight a few of the exciting features:

  • A new course page allows teachers to preview all of the courses on one easy-to-use page!
  • Teachers can now check out three courses at a time before submitting feedback, allowing for easier lesson planning
  • There are additional, supplemental resources on convenient pages
  • All course materials are now able to be downloaded with one click!

Music Workshop is just beginning its 10th YEAR and we are racing toward our goals for the future. Thank you for being a part of the inspiration!

Music is for everyone!

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